New Years Sale at Debenhams – Blue Cross Items and Vouchers

Debenhams1I recently discovered that a lot of the Bluecross items on sale on the Debenhams website do not allow you to use a voucher code in conjunction with them. This is pretty normal since they are already reduced, and sale items are not often included in other discounts, otherwise the price would probably be TOO low.

I was trying to purchase a few things in the Bluecross sale and was very luck to find out that some voucher codes DID in fact work! I was looking through various websites in Google – the usual suspects that never have any codes, then I discovered a website that compares the vouchers from all other websites including Facebook and Twitter.

To be totally honest I haven’t set foot in a Debenhams store for many years – I rarely go to the High Street and when I do it’s to go to the library. It’s much less stressful to do your shopping online now – but often Sale Items are not included in that and you have to venture in-store. It is nice to see that Debenhams have relied on feedback from others to bring their Sale to the internet as well, finally.debenhams

I really LOVE debenhams, the smell of the place in particular the perfume stands. In partiuclar the gift sets they do; they have some lovely exclusive gift sets from  YSL and Stevern and Maybelline. Plus they also stock Mac Cosmetics and always have the latest collections as soon as they come out. Taht’s why my wishlist of the MAC Fabulousness palette and MAC Charity Cards.

So remember to head to the checkout and use the listed Debenhams voucher code that even work for Bluecross items in the sale, from the website listed. It’s definitely worth it. Please leave your comments here for me, I will check each one manually so no spam!!!


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